~Fazia Rina~

~Fazia Rina~


dh sebulan berlalu...hahahaha

"Happyy Belated Birthday To Me...." hahahah and its been long time m not update my blog.. anyway thanks to my beloved friends who wished my birthday (even my parents doesn't remember and wish either). Thanksss!!!!!!

i am quite busy lately with my work... work work work.. with a bored things to do.. make calls, set date, time for their travel.. cancel booking, make reservations.. but i never own, my owned tickets.. i wish one day i'll get my own ticketss.. to bandung maybe.. heheheh...

To be honest, 3 days before my birthday.. i am advance celebrating with my friends at Rum Jungle.. fisrt time been there.. (it was awsome!!!) which is i think everybody knows what place it is.. my fellow pet-bro belanja me drinks.. and i was drunk, really drunk and thanks god nothing happened!! i was trow up a thousand times.. got headache, stomache, dizzy, but i really celebrating with happiness but actually lonely inside.. i dont know why i take this stupid action and accept stupid invitation from him.. but i dont blame him at all...

so, on my birthday date, its already 3rd ramadhan.. exactly sharp at 12.00 26 sept 06, my tears drop... i dont know why im crying... maybe sebab dah terasa tua kot.. i was thinking what i've done wihtin last 25 years.. ?? nothing!! lebih banyak enjoy, berkhayal, berangan, buang masa dengan bekas2 boyfriends yang semuanya hipokrit.. hahahahaha... harap2 lepas ni tak ada la becoming boyfriends yang tak macam tu dalam hidup aku..

so, aku berazam (doakan rina berjaya) untuk cuba ubah perangai, no alcohol, no flirt around (am I?) and avoid all the negative things and also to become a good wife, good worker, a good person, lastly a good hamba to allah s.w.t. amin...

so, gurls and guys out there please pray for me and wish me with full of hapiness and confident to live in up and down of life..